I’m a lifetime three-dimensional artist with a variety of twists and turns along my path. My lifelong passion for both visual and tactual texture is satisfied by working with my hands and building with different clay-bodies and firing techniques. Lost wax casting and arc welding are two other mediums I’ve enjoyed working with to name just a few. Having always wanted to have my own art business, now is the time!

My concrete inspiration came when visiting a family in-law’s summer home. They had made and installed concrete countertops. I had never seen concrete countertops before and needed to learn more.  After researching and taking multiple hands-on training workshops on decorative fiber reinforced concrete, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I've invested in specific equipment and materials required for me to work in decorative fiber-reinforced concrete. I have created and installed an assortment of artful handcrafted furnishings and it continues to be exciting and new! I am doing it!

Living a dream; I am living what I love!